Experienced Capital for Sustainable Growth in Food Service/Restaurants and B2C services

We are an investing and advisory firm fully focused in the food service/restaurants sector and in the growing B2C services arena.

Our mission is to invest and advise in emerging brands and companies in the food service value chain and in the larger retail eco system with a European focus.

We invest through a club deal approach, bringing the best possible combination of international financial and strategic talent, to offer a unique smart capital support to our partners/entrepreneurs.

We look for proven concepts with at least 10 sites or 10 € million in revenues, where we can invest 3-30 € million alongside the entrepreneur or an institutional investors.

We are also committed to support social projects focused to enhance fair work conditions, the integration of immigrants in the workforce and the defence of the environment, across local communities in the regions where we invest.

The Buono Ventures experience

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